What I’m Listening To #3

What I’m Listening To, the blog series in which I reflect on all the music I’ve been exploring during the last few months. Join me on this inspirational journey and listen along with the Spotify playlist below. Got any recommendations? Let me know in the comments!

Grey Daze – Amends
Chester. Bennington. Even after his passing continuing to amaze me with his versatile and powerful singing. “Amends” is a beautiful body of work and if you ask me, the reworked songs all sound superior to the originals. Although emotionally heavy at times, the re-recorded music perfectly complements the lyrics and allows Chester to shine like never before.

Sam Winston – The Fire & The Icicle
After “Amends” I needed something lighter, so I returned to this album I discovered on SoundCloud last year. At its core, “The Fire & The Icicle” contains sweet and catchy pop songs. What makes it appealing to me is the original instrumentation that brings these songs to life in an authentic and colorful way. This being Sam’s debut album, I can’t wait to see what he does next!

Robbie Williams – Greatest Hits
Continuing on with the poppy and happy vibes I delved into Robbie Williams’ greatest hits. As a kid I always enjoyed his songs when I heard them on the radio. I wasn’t familiar with half of these hits, but they all sounded quite pleasant to the ears.

Queen – A Night at the Opera + News of the World
Before watching the film Bohemian Rhapsody I wanted to familiarize myself with Queen’s music. So I listened to “Opera” and “News” back-to-back and found myself thoroughly enjoying them. Both albums brilliantly showcase the band members’ talents and how they were able to play with different musical styles.

DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince – Code Red
When I heard Boom! Shake the Room on the radio I was instantly hooked. Looking up the song, I found out to my surprise that it was The Fresh Prince, aka Will Smith, delivering the awesome rapping. The album as a whole is upbeat and fun and is about just one thing: having a good time. A true nineties hip hop gem.

Status Quo – Rockin’ All Over The World
And to top off this edition I chased even more of the good times with good ol’ Status Quo. I was first introduced to their music by a cover band at a local festival last year. Every time I listen to this album I’m transported back to that sweaty festival tent, smelling the beer and seeing the crowd go nuts. Good times indeed.

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