‘’Unlike many producers who fizzle out due to firing in different directions, Rick van Meijel maintains his unique style and cohesive artistic vision.’’

– Xttrawave (source)

‘’Rick van Meijel finds his place in his debut EP Reliving, building his first material out of real emotion and experience. You can feel the drive to move forward and make something of himself, all without the need for lyrics.’’

– Immortal Reviews (source)

‘’Netherlands-based artist Rick van Meijel’s own brand of electronica is an aural delight that no matter synth lines you’ve been lost in, I can guarantee you won’t have heard the like of before.’’

– A&R Factory (source)

‘’Rick van Meijel is back in our Artist of the month spotlight for June 2018! [Debut EP] Reliving is an epic journey told through emotional synths and hard hitting drums. The first track and single ‘’The Spark’’ is a burning instrumental anthem that is sure to light up your speakers.’’

– Open Labs’ Stagelight (now Roland Zenbeats)

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