What I’m Listening To #8

What I’m Listening To, the blog series in which I reflect on all the music I’ve been exploring during the last few months. Join me on this inspirational journey and listen along with the Spotify playlist below. Post your recommendations in the comments!

Freak – I Like to Smile When I’m Sad
A firecracker EP. With a typical loud and aggressive punkfest, the UK-based Freak shocks your eardrums and then leaves you wondering what the heck just happened. Interestingly, the same seems to apply to the band itself. They haven’t been very active since this release, as their online channels are currently pretty quiet. Let’s hope they didn’t quit.

Linkin Park – Living Things
It’s been ten years since this album came out and reinvigorated my interest in the band. Hyped as I was as a teenager, I remember rushing back home from school earlier that year to be one of the first to hear lead single “Burn It Down”. On album release day I sat down in my bedroom, plugged in my brand new speakers and blasted “Living Things” front to back. Today, I still feel that same excitement every time I listen!

Paris – Sonic Jihad
Paris is a rapper who’s not afraid to speak his mind, even if his words would be regarded as ‘unusual’. An inspiring thing, being an artist myself. Wrapped up in a simplistic early 2000s production style, which has its own charm, Paris’ lyrics expertly link problems in the streets  to governmental issues. Though there’re more than enough topics to rap about, he always comes back to stress the importance of staying positive!

Queen – The Works
After some disappointing new releases I decided to return to the older works (pun intended). Luckily, Queen can hardly ever disappoint! The mixture of personal and societal themes flows well together on this album and feels quite timeless. Songs like “Machines” and “I Want to Break Free” could’ve easily been made today, 80s production style included. Now that I’ve heard a few of their records, I noticed that Queen’s music is always in motion, full of energy and moving melody lines. I think this is part of the reason why their music remains so memorable for so many.

Songs that have caught my attention.

DI-RECT – “Through the Looking Glass”
Some unexpected Dutch features this edition. This song is contagiously upbeat.

Rondé – “Love Myself”
This Dutch band is attracting more and more attention and I’m curious to see where they’re headed.

Gintronix – “23 Boogie”
More Dutchies! Brand new and reminiscent of our neighbor’s Purple Disco Machine.

Tom MacDonald & Adam Calhoun – “In God We Trust (feat. Nova Rockafeller)”
One of those songs that instantly hits on first listen. Beautiful chorus!

John Williams – “Obi-Wan”
He’s done it again. Magnificent theme for a wonderful series.

Greta Van Fleet – “My Way, Soon”
I always applaud artists for exploring different styles, but sadly this is only one of the few new tracks that actually excited me.

George Ezra – “Green Green Grass”
The album being filled with lots of midtempo songs, this one stands out!

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