Making my first EP: ”Wood” (demo)

Here we are, a first proper look into my upcoming EP. I’m really excited to share this!

This early version of Wood dates back to August 12 2017. I had been working on the EP for about a month and this track was one of the first to shape up quickly: it already had a structure, melodies and various layers. I’m very satisfied with how this track has progressed over time and you’ll be able to hear that when the EP comes out. It doesn’t really represent the sound of the entire project though, because the other songs are not as experimental.

As ‘’Wood’’  obviously is a working title, I want the final version to have a more fitting name. In order to decide this, I’m asking you to let me know in the comments which of the following names you think fits best:

– ‘’Woods’’
– ‘’Abandoned Roots’’
– ‘’Buried Roots’’
– ‘’Ending Cycles’’

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