Making my first EP: Finishing touches

Good news! Writing, mixing and mastering is all done. That means the music is finished and ready to invade your ears. Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on the EP package and artwork and I’m planning the release schedule. Here’s a sneak peek into the final tracklist:

EP tracklist

Most tracks have new names because the working titles didn’t fit anymore. The Keys is now called ‘’The Spark’’, Ascension has become ‘’Fighting the Storms’’ and thanks to the votes of the LPU community, Wood’s final name is ‘’Abandoned Roots’’. ‘’Milky Way’’ and ‘’Anything’’ have kept their working titles. Sadly the demo Bananas didn’t make the cut, because the EP makes more sense to me without it. I’m saving it for a separate release.

An announcement will be here soon 😉

4 thoughts on “Making my first EP: Finishing touches

  1. Yea i remember bananas! 😆 That was so good ! 😃
    Alrightyyyy! Curious for further announcements! 😍🎶
    Take care! 😊✨


      1. Yes! All the tracks you make have magic! If i listen them once.. i need to keep them on loop for next hr! 😂
        Welcomed! ✨💕


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