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Welcome! I’m Rick, music producer from the Netherlands.  I’m not doing a full introduction here, so go to the bio page if you want to learn more about me. With that said, I’m beyond excited to finally have my own website! Here I’ll be sharing everything that has to do with my music. I don’t think I have to guide you through the entire site though, it’s all pretty simple. Use the menu above to navigate to the pages to listen to my music and scroll down to the bottom of every page to find links to my socials and other channels.


I’m going to keep it short for now, but stay tuned. I’m currently finishing up my debut EP and I’ll be posting updates on the progress right here on my website. Also, feel free to leave a comment or question, I highly appreciate your support and I’d love to hear from you!

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3 thoughts on “Post #1

  1. Heyyy! Welcome to WordPress! 😊✨😃😃 Hope you have great time in here! Nice website and my favorite tune vibes! ,🙌✨😍


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