Announcing Crimethinkers

Crimethinkers, my new music project, launches today! I’ve been waiting for this moment for months, so I’m beyond excited to finally put the word out. Check out the full announcement:

“We are Crimethinkers, an international collaboration between conscious hip hop artists Magic Motley, Rick van Meijel, Satori Rewire and Willis the Illest. It’s a time of worldwide increasing authoritarianism and censorship and our society is being impacted at large. But we have something to say. We are not afraid. Whilst seeking truth and freely expressing our voices, we will inspire others to do the same. We believe in the power of music to create positive change in our lives, as we aim to reach and open up as many hearts and minds as possible.”

We’ve got multiple songs in the pipeline and our very first one will arrive shortly! Definitely follow us if you don’t want to miss our upcoming releases. The best places to stay in touch are:

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