My next music project

Time to reveal little bits about my next music project. I’ve been eagerly anticipating to share these first details with you, although I’m not going to spoil anything major just yet! I’ve got to say though, it’s going to be quite different from my usual work.

The project involves a collaboration with not just one, but three fellow music guys. The four of us have been working together since February 2020, creating one track after the other. I feel this effort has lifted each of our individual musicianship skills as we’ve truly given it our all.

Okay, a few more details then. You’re going to hear me sing for the first time. At first I was nervous about trying to sing and even more so about sharing my voice! But this project gave me the unique opportunity to explore my voice and it felt like it was the right time to try. I also received much support and encouragement from the guys, which has given me more confidence to challenge myself in this new way.

It won’t be long before a proper announcement! Keep an eye out 😉

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