Upgrading rickvanmeijel.com

Upgrade time! Recently I’ve been adjusting my website with some cool new features, which you’ll read all about in this post. To celebrate the occasion I put together a playlist with all my best music. So hit play and scroll down to see what’s new!

Rick van Meijel” (YouTube)

Rick van Meijel” (Spotify)

Curious about what blogs and review websites have said about my music? The brand new Press page includes a collection of quotes from their reviews, plus links to the original sources.

My Community
On the right side of each page (bottom on mobile) you’ll find a widget called My Community. It automatically shows the users who are interacting with my website. Wanna have the honor of joining the community? Simply leave a like, comment or follow the website and your avatar will appear 🙂

Featured images
The related content section beneath blog posts is now accompanied by their featured images. This makes it easier to recognise posts and jump from one post to the next.

New bio
Explore the story of my creative music adventure on the completely rewritten Bio page. From now on, I’m rewriting my bio with every new release, always keeping you up-to-date!

Newsletter integration
Thanks to a new Mailchimp integration feature, you can now more easily join my newsletter. So if you want to receive my content directly in your inbox, fill in your email and push the button 😉

Success! Thanks for subscribing.

What do you think of these upgrades? Got any remarks or ideas? I’m happy to receive your feedback in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Upgrading rickvanmeijel.com

  1. Nice new features, have to check oit the new content asap! Listening to your music while reading the email is just a nice idea! Thanx for sharing your news- keep it going Rick! You’re doing great 😊 hugs Pat

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