Reliving out now

Here we are on June 8 2018, at the end of a long creative journey. I’m proud to say that Reliving is out today! You can listen to the EP in its entirety below. I hope you enjoy.

Download the EP, including digital booklet, for free on Bandcamp:

I hope to see you at the Plug DJ Reliving listening party, tomorrow at 20:30 CEST! I’ll be sharing insights into every track and you’ll be able to ask me your questions. The listening party will take place in this room:

Reliving release week

After nearly 11 months of producing and preparation, Reliving is finally out this Friday! Massive thank you to all who have joined me on this journey and supported me during the creative process! All of your contributions, encouragement, likes, comments and enthusiasm has motivated me so much during these months, it means the world to me. I hope this thread has given you some insight into my way of making music. It took some time to finish the project, but I’m glad you stuck with me until the end.

To celebrate the release of Reliving, I’m hosting a special listening party on Plug DJ. I’ll be sharing insights into the meaning and creation of the EP and you’ll be able to ask me your questions. Join me this Saturday at 20:30 CEST in this Plug DJ room: . See you there!

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‘’Fighting the Storms’’ out now

Surprise! ‘’Fighting the Storms’’ is here, the second single of my debut EP Reliving.

I had so much fun working on this track. Originally it only consisted of some piano chords and melodies, but it grew out to be this epic rock song. A massive thank you to Riffs at Random for recording guitars, bass and programming drums! This track wouldn’t have been possible without you. Also, many thanks to TheDamian58C for your feedback on the early version!

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New video for ‘’The Spark’’

Just premiered a new video for ‘’The Spark’’! Join me in reliving some of my fondest memories, from my early childhood to present day.

This project required some good amount of digging through our home video recordings. It was fun to come across things I had completely forgotten about, like that clip of me playing a keyboard toy at 02:07. Let me know your favorite clip from this video!

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Making my first video

First of all, I must say I’m overwhelmed by the positive response to ‘’The Spark’’! I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate it. Thank you!

Next thing coming up before the release of Reliving is a video for ‘’The Spark’’. My friend twotimesthedime, who did the cover art for the EP, helped me shoot the footage. It was a hot day and we were exhausted when we wrapped up, but it was fun to do something like this for a change. Here’s a snapshot:

The Spark video

Besides filming new material, I’m using our own home video recordings to create a certain narrative. The video will premiere soon! If you haven’t already, subscribe to the newsletter to not miss the release:

Debut EP Reliving is out June 8.

”The Spark” out now

Finally here it is: the first single off of my upcoming debut EP Reliving. This is ‘’The Spark’’:

I hope you’ll enjoy this track as much as I enjoyed creating it. Feel free to share with your friends and subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest news:

Special thanks to Melanie, EthanStark and Kars Landman for your contributions!



Debut EP ”Reliving” out June 8

Today I’m beyond excited to announce that my debut EP Reliving will be out on June 8!

Reliving cover 1000x1000(Cover art by twotimesthedime:

1. The Spark – 3:29
2. Fighting the Storms (feat. Riffs at Random) – 3:45
3. Abandoned Roots – 4:15
4. Milky Way – 3:45
5. Anything – 3:49

The EP will be available on Bandcamp and each download will include a digital booklet.

In addition, I’m releasing first single ‘’The Spark’’ next Monday! Listen to the preview here:

Shout out to the LPU, LPLive and Stagelight communities for your continued support! I can’t wait to finally share the music with you.