Going electric

Even before I started playing acoustic guitar I knew I wanted to learn electric guitar someday. So after a couple years of getting to know the acoustic I finally took the step and bought an electric guitar. For all you nerds out there, it’s a Cort G200.

I’m taking lessons to get a head start and I already notice my playing technique is improving. However, the transition from acoustic to electric was a pretty hard one. At first, I was surprised by the heavy weight (and sound) and playing with a pick also took some getting used to.

Right now I’m focussing on playing solos and improvising on the fretboard. Upon doing these exercises I realised I really enjoy playing blues music. Besides that, power chords are also great fun, especially when playing along with my favorite songs. So far, it’s been a fun and exciting learning process and I can’t wait to incorporate the electric guitar into my own music!

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