New EP ”Millions of Simple Lights” out June 21

On June 21 me and Russian artist Меня Нет are releasing our first collaborative EP called ‘’Millions of Simple Lights’’! After discovering each other’s work on SoundCloud, we realised we had many things in common besides our love for music. As a result we organically started working on one track after the other, leading into the creation of ‘’Millions of Simple Lights’’.

Cover MOSL(Artwork by Меня Нет)

The EP is written, recorded and produced solely by the two of us and is inspired by the notion that nowadays, music producers and artists all over the world can easily connect and come together to create something unique.

‘’Millions of Simple Lights’’
1. Total Eclipse – 5:04
2. Outside – 3:38
3. Dying Star – 4:03
4. Blink – 4:03
5. Infinite Universe – 2:00

Get a glimpse with Outside, the first single:

Stream Outside or preorder ‘’Millions of Simple Lights’’ now on Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer and Amazon.


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