Making my first video

First of all, I must say I’m overwhelmed by the positive response to ‘’The Spark’’! I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate it. Thank you!

Next thing coming up before the release of Reliving is a video for ‘’The Spark’’. My friend twotimesthedime, who did the cover art for the EP, helped me shoot the footage. It was a hot day and we were exhausted when we wrapped up, but it was fun to do something like this for a change. Here’s a snapshot:

The Spark video

Besides filming new material, I’m using our own home video recordings to create a certain narrative. The video will premiere soon! If you haven’t already, subscribe to the newsletter to not miss the release:

Debut EP Reliving is out June 8.

2 thoughts on “Making my first video

  1. Oooh myyy!! I am sooo excited!! Hey i aslo wanna learn making videos!! C’mon how do you guys do it! I don’t have anyone to help in here so I’ve soo many stupid question in my head about making videos.. I’ve searched so much on internet but didn’t got anything 😂😂 so I’ll do something after this year only! 😉

    I am soo happy and eager for it! The sc looks amazinggggg!! 😍😍😍😍

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  2. 😀 can’t wait for you to see it Honey! This is my first time editing a music video, apart from the little clips that I shared during the last few months. I’m using Adobe Premiere Pro, it makes editing pretty easy!


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