”Silence” with Меня Нет out now

Music release! Last week my new track with Russian artist Меня Нет was released! ”Тишина”, translating to ”Silence”, is featured on his new album ”Лабиринты памяти”, meaning ”Labyrinths of the Mind”.

This is the first track we ever made together, even before we started working on our 2019 EP ”Millions of Simple Lights’’. In retrospect, the track seemed to provide the blueprint for the music we created afterwards. Меня Нет would lay the foundation with heavy guitars and drums while I colorized the music with various keyboards and synths.

Furthermore, I’m not the only featuring artist on ”Labyrinths of the Mind”. In fact, those who have been following me for a while will come across some familiar faces! Conscious artist Willis the Illest and guitarist Riffs at Random both shine on the album, albeit under different names.

Listen to ”Labyrinths of the Mind” in full below:

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