‘’Higher Frequencies’’ contest

‘’Higher Frequencies’’, my new single, will be out on January 24! To celebrate this release I’m hosting a contest in which you can win a chance to be part of the exclusive early premiere.

In the video below you see me playing an acoustic guitar part that’s featured in the single. Based on this little snippet, can you guess what musical style or genre ‘’Higher Frequencies’’ will be?

Post your guess in the comments and you might hear this new single before anyone else does! I’ll pick 3 winners whose guesses are closest to the actual style of ‘’Higher Frequencies’’. The contest closes on January 16 and winners will be informed on the day after. Good luck!

Higher Frequencies - Wallpaper_1

Edit: The contest has been closed. Congratulations Manuel, Honey and Mehя Het on winning the contest and thank you to all participants! 🙂

14 thoughts on “‘’Higher Frequencies’’ contest

  1. I’m at third place! For now.. 😂
    Anyway.. I found it similar to 30 Seconds to Mars, especially with “From yesterday”..don’t know why but it makes me think of that song.. 😊

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  2. The first thing that came to my mind for some reason is ‘Holding Company’ LPU Demo. I think this might be a bit similar with a lot more electronic elements and maybe less aggressive

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  3. I don’t know. 😍 But i loved that guitar part a lot! I guess that will be more electronic with bits of drums. 😅 What’s that genre exactly called you go figure out lol 😝

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  4. it’s hard to define styles, because good music is good music) I would like it to be a song with vocal, but it seems to be a mix of alternative rock/ electronic/ pop. in general, I hope it will be cool, dude!) I look forward to it!)

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